Target Deal – Paid $14.99, Saved $33.78

Today I went to Target to take advantage of a few good deals. This is what I got:


2 Pledge Multi-surface sprays @ $6.98 – $4.00 MC$2.00 Target coupons = $0.98

2 Cheetos snack packs (one not pictured) @ $2.58 – $2.00 Target coupons = $0.58

3 Petite Artisan loafs @ $2.97 – $3.00 Target coupons (adjusted to $0.99) = Free

2 Sutton and Dodge Angus Beef steaks @ $5.52 – $4.00 Target coupons = $1.52

1 Sutton and Dodge Angus Beef roast @ $4.24 – $2.00 Target coupon = $2.24

2 Quaker Life cereal @ $5.00 – $2.00 MC = $3.00

3 Quaker True Delights granola bars @ $7.50 – $3.00 MC = $4.50

1 Nature Valley granola bars (2 pk) @ $1.06 – $0.50 MC = $0.56

Subtotal before coupons: $35.85

Total after coupons: $14.99 (includes tax) – I also received a $5.00 gift card for purchasing 5 Quaker products!

That’s a total savings of 69% (including the gift card)!

Look here if you would like more information on the Quaker deal and on other Target deals (Thanks to Money Saving Mom via imommies!)



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3 responses to “Target Deal – Paid $14.99, Saved $33.78

  1. Laura

    Hey Martha! I love your new blog!! I’m just beginning to get addicted to the whole couponing thing… You are teaching me out so much!!

    Thanks for including the links to your Target coupons in this post!! I created my own account at the Hot Coupons site, but I can’t find that same page of coupons from my own account… Any pointers?

    Hope you, Ben and Logan are doing great!

    Laura Davis

    • mjslp

      Hi Laura! I had the same problem the first time I went to that site. As far as I know, you don’t have to have an account to access the Target coupons. Try just typing in and click on the Target coupons link. This should take you to the right place. Let me know if it doesn’t work. I hope you guys are doing wonderful!

  2. Laura

    Thanks, Martha! I was making it too hard, I guess! I found the button you were talking about right away when I just typed in the address instead of trying to get to it backwards through the link you put up! Thanks for all the tips! I love reading about your adventures in savings!!

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