Weekly Menu

Photo courtesy of personalnewtrition.com

Photo courtesy of personalnewtrition.com

I thought that it might be interesting for me to post the meals that we eat each week. Many people think that if you use coupons to shop for groceries you are limited to eating a lot of junkie, processed food. I’m not going to say that we never eat junk food (because that is certainly not the case), but that is not the majority of what we eat. Here is the menu for this week:


Breakfast: Waffles, banana

Lunch: Sandwich, carrot sticks with ranch dressing

Dinner: Hot dogs, homemade potato salad, homemade slaw, strawberries


Breakfast: Bagels with cream cheese, banana

Lunch: Triscuits with cheese, yogurt, carrot sticks

Dinner: Homemade Sausage and Potato soup, bread


Breakfast: Homemade banana bread, strawberries

Lunch: Out with a friend

Dinner: Steak, broccoli, mashed potatoes, yeast rolls


Breakfast: Homemade banana bread, yogurt

Lunch: Tuna salad sandwich, carrot sticks and grape tomatoes with ranch dressing

Dinner: Slow-cooked chicken, rice, green beans


Breakfast: Homemade banana bread, applesauce, scrambled eggs

Lunch: Ham and Cheese Waffles (I found this recipe in the April All You – I’ll share the recipe if it’s good!), carrot sticks with ranch dressing

Dinner: Sloppy joes, sweet potato fries, pickles


Breakfast: Homemade blueberry pancakes

Lunch: English muffin pizza, salad

Dinner: Leftovers

I find that planning our meals for the week really helps out! My husband and I are both so busy, and it is very tempting to just pick up something for dinner. If we already have a plan in place, then it makes deciding what to do about dinner practically thoughtless! Try planning your meals for a week, and let me know how it goes!



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3 responses to “Weekly Menu

  1. Ellen Fullington

    This site is very impressive. I am the family & consumer science teacher at VHHS. You have done a great job with all of this and I think Ben is very lucky to have such a smart, organized and penny-pinching wife!! Good luck with the blog and thank you for helping people out financially, especially in these trying economic times. Ellen

  2. Faiza

    Writing down the menu for the whole week is a very smart idea, ill do that from now onwards! It takes me a lot more time to decide what to make than it takes me to actually make the lunch/dinner!

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