How to Find Coupons

When you are first getting started using coupons, it can be difficult to find the coupons that you need. Learning how to find and use coupons is a continuous learning process that can be frustrating at first. It takes awhile to get a good stash of coupons going, but after a few months you will have plenty of coupons to use towards maximizing your savings. I have compiled a list of ways to accumulate coupons. This list is certainly not an exhaustive list, but it will definitely help you get started.

  1. Sunday newspaper inserts. This is where I get most of my coupons. My rule for cutting out coupons is this…if I think that I will ever use this product or if I think that the coupon could lead to a money making situation, then I will cut it out and file it. Some people are more selective and that is okay too. Do what works best for you!
  2. Grocery store sale papers. Many times the store sale papers will have a couple of coupons inside. Since I shop at Publix (and they accept competitor coupons), I look at the sale papers for all grocery stores in my area. Once I cut the coupons out, I look at my other coupons to see if I have a manufacturer coupon that matches the store coupon…if I do, I can use both of these coupons for 1 product. Here’s an example: If I have a $2.00 off Cover Girl store coupon from Publix and a 1.00 off Cover Girl manufacturer coupon, I can use both of these towards the purchase of 1 Cover Girl Product…therefore, taking $3.00 off the product.
  3. Coupon booklets. Coupon booklets can be found in several locations; you just have to keep your eyes open for them. I often find these at my grocery store near the pharmacy…it looks like a magazine. Occasionally, there will be online offers for coupon booklets. I will let you know when I hear about these.
  4. Internet printable coupons. These are coupons that are only available online. Sometimes the coupons are located on the product’s website and sometimes they are located at a coupon generator website such as and
  5. Grocery store “blinkies.” These are the little “Try me” boxes that you can find throughout grocery stores. Always pull a few of these as you find them. Oftentimes, these coupons are for products that are going on sale in the near future.
  6. Requesting samples. Many times, when you sign-up to receive a sample, a coupon is included with the sample. Here is one location to sign-up to receive samples; however, I usually do not receive coupons with samples requested from Wal-Mart…the coupons usually come with samples that were requested from the product’s website. I will post these opportunities as I learn about them.
  7. All You magazine. This magazine is packed with great coupons! It also has a lot of great recipes and articles. You can only purchase this magazine at Wal-Mart…it costs about $2.24. You can also subscribe to this magazine. Go here for a free trial issue.
  8. Purchase coupons online. I personally have never done this, but I have heard about others doing this with positive results. I think that this might be helpful for the beginning couponer (however, as I stated before, I have never gone this route before…if you have purchased coupons online, please leave a comment about your experience). Ebay and The Coupon Clippers are the 2 sites that I have heard of from others. Let me know if you know of others that might be helpful to other readers.
  9. School coupon books. Be sure to purchase the coupon books that schools sell. These often have great coupons for grocery stores, restaurants, and local attractions. You can also order these online. Enjoy the City is one of my favorite coupon books!

I think that is about it! Always have your eyes open for coupons…oftentimes, you will be surprised at what you might find!

I’d love to hear if you have other ways to accumulate coupons!


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  1. Nicol

    I am just started couponing and I really appreciate all of the great advice. Thank you so much.

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