Publix (and Target) – 57% Savings

Things got confusing for me this week at Publix. First of all, I made way too many trips to the grocery store this week. This happened for several reasons. I didn’t make a complete organized list (and we all know how important I think lists are!). Because I didn’t have an organized list, I kept forgetting things that we needed. Throw in going to Publix twice on Sunday for the penny item, and that definitely leads to too many trips to the grocery store!

On top of having too many trips to the grocery store. I also had a lot of confusion with pricing this week…I will not go into the details, because, as I said, it was very confusing! However, as a result of all the pricing confusion, I learned that at Publix if your product does not ring up the correct price, you get it for free! So, as I have mentioned before, always pay attention while they are ringing you up!

Here are some (not all) of the products that I bought:


(Items not pictured: 3 Sunday newspapers, 1 strip Fleishman yeast, and Publix hamburger buns)

I am not going to list each item individually today; however, here are some highlights:

  • The toothpaste was free plus overage!
  • The Sargento Potato Finishers was free (after mail-in rebate).
  • The penny item this week was Publix dressing.
  • The Glass Plus cleaner was $0.50 after B1G1 and $0.50 MC (doubled).
  • The Publix barbeque sauce was free. Occasionally, Publix runs a special that allows you to get a Publix product free with the purchase of the name brand counterpart. There were 3 items eligible for this deal this week: Ragu, Kraft BBQ sauce, and Gulden’s mustard.
  • The Mentos gum was free after $0.99 sale price and $1.00 MC.
  • The 10 lbs of potatoes (from Target) cost $2.17 (after tax)! The 5 pound bags were on sale for $1.99 (I’m not sure for how long) and I used 2 $1.00 TC

All in all, I paid $24.91. I saved $33.21. That’s a total savings of 57%!


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