Publix Penny Item – April 26-27

Today I am home with my son who is sick with a cold, so my husband picked up the penny item and several other items after church. The penny item this week is a 6-pack of Publix bottled water. Here is what he bought:

3 Sunday newspapers (not pictured) @ $6.00

4 Hunt’s ketchup @ $3.50
Used 2 $1.00/2 MC from May All You
Total = $1.50 (for 4); $0.38 each

1 Gallon milk @ $2.89

1 6-pack Publix bottled water @ $1.99
Publix penny item
Total = $0.01

Total before sales and coupons = $18.37
Total after sales, coupons, and tax = $10.91

If you are new to shopping at Publix, here are the guidelines for receiving the penny item (penny items are only available on Sunday and Monday):

  1. Purchase $10 worth of items – the $10 can be before coupons.
  2. Find the penny item. It is usually located at the front of the store either on a shelf near the registers or in a bin with the other sale items. If you are not able to find the item, just ask an employee. They are always very helpful!
  3. Some stores require you to use the penny item coupon which is located in the B1G1 sale ad in the Sunday paper.

Happy couponing!!!

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