Publix Penny Item and Change in Coupon Policy

The Publix penny item for this week is a half gallon of Publix tea. I love tea, so I was excited about this one!

If you are new to shopping at Publix, here are the guidelines for receiving the penny item (penny items are only available on Sunday and Monday):

1. Purchase $10 worth of items – the $10 can be before coupons.
2. Find the penny item. It is usually located at the front of the store either on a shelf near the registers or in a bin with the other sale items. If you are not able to find the item, just ask an employee. They are always very helpful!
3. Some stores require you to use the penny item coupon which is located in the B1G1 sale ad in the Sunday paper.

*Publix has changed their coupon policy with regards to what kinds of competitor coupons they will accept. They are no longer accepting Target coupons or drugstore coupons. They will only accept grocery store coupons that are direct competitors to Publix (meaning they are in the area of your store). Some Publix stores may already have been enforcing this policy, but mine had been accepting these types of coupons. I was really disappointed to hear this, because I frequently use Target coupons. Oh well, there are still good deals to be had without using these types of coupons! ***Be sure to check with your store to see what your store’s coupon policy is. The policies are generally the same for each store, but it is up to each store to determine what types of coupons they accept.

Happy couponing!



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2 responses to “Publix Penny Item and Change in Coupon Policy

  1. Blakely Segroves

    Don’t you live in Birmingham? If so, I was wondering which Publix you go to the most. I found your blog via pleonast (my name is “greeneyes”).

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