Weekly Budget Update

Life has seemed more hectic than usual lately! Between Mother’s Day plans, new patients at work, and all the other activities that I normally have, I wasn’t able to post about each individual grocery purchase that I made this past week. However, here is how my grocery shopping all broke down and fit into the budget (I have pictures for some, but not all, of what I bought):

Publix – Not pictured: McCormick vanilla extract, 3 Sunday newspapers
IMG00280 - Publix May 10

Total = $37.31

Target – 2.5 lbs apples
Total = $2.93


CVS – 3 Diet Coke 12 pks, 6 Vitamin Water
Total = $12.25
*Plus I earned $10 ECBs to use on future purchases!


Total Spent = $52.49…I went a little over budget this week, because of the vanilla extract. My husband had to run out and purchase it for a cake that I was making, and I forgot to factor that in when I was making my grocery list. Whoops! Oh well…it happens! So, with the $1.60 surplus from last week, I went $0.89 over budget; therefore, next week (or really this week, since I am so late posting this:) my weekly grocery budget will be $49.11.

Here is what I have spent on groceries so far this month:
April 29 through May 5: $48.40
May 6 through May 12: $52.49

I am going to add a post about all the great deals that I got at Publix, Target, AND Wal-Mart this week, so check back soon!


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