Weekly Budget Wrap-Up

As I mentioned a couple of days ago, things have been crazy for us lately! It is beginning to calm down now – hopefully, it will stay that way! Here is what I got in my second Publix transaction of the week. I am not going to list the coupon match-ups since this week’s sale has ended.

1 – Publix Jumbo Franks (Penny Item)
1 – Breyer’s ice cream
1 – Gallon milk
1 – Oscar Mayer turkey sandwich meat
2 – Maxwell Coffee
6 – Yoplait yogurt
4 – Eggo waffles (10 pks)
1 – Publix shredded cheese
4 – Mentos gum
10 – Earth’s Best baby food
1 – Bananas (1.39 lbs)
1 – Hamburger buns
1 – Blueberries (1 pint)
4 – Bertolli pasta sauce
1 – Juicy Juice white grape juice

Total = $27.05…I saved 65%!!!


All in all, I have spent $136.71 this month. Here is the breakdown:

June 3 through June 9: $45.59 (includes 3 Sunday newspapers)
Surplus budget: $91.12 (3 Jumbo packages of Huggies and Costco purchase – see picture below) (This month, I have a $100 surplus budget because there are only 4 weeks in my grocery budget)

SANY0231 - Costco 5-29-09

So, that’s how we are doing this month. How is your budget going this month?


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