This week’s shopping – 66% Savings!!!

After several weeks of going in and out of town and dealing with worries about my son, it was nice to be able to start settling back into our routine again, including shopping on our regular days and attempting to get my coupons back into order (there is still a lot of work to be done!)! This week there were some pretty good deals at Publix. I think that my favorite deal was really cheap Dial hand soap! I am a hand washing fanatic, and we go through a LOT of hand soap, so I’m always excited to see a good soap deal!

I was really excited to get cucumbers and squash from my grandparents’ garden (I included these in the picture, because they are part of our groceries for the week)! For awhile now I have been considering starting a garden, but I do not know anything about how to get started. So, for now, I will just have to occasionally benefit from my grandparents’ garden! If you have a garden and have any tips on how to get started, please leave me a comment. I would love some help!

Here is what I bought this week:

IMG00333 - Publix 7-24-09

IMG00334 - Publix 7-24-09 2

7 – Alexia snacks @ $10.12
Used 2 $1.00/1 MC from home mailer
Used 1 $1.00/1 MC from May All You
Used 1 $1.00/1 MC from June All You
Used 3 $1.00/1 MC from 6/14 SS
Total for 7 = $3.12; $0.45 each

6 – Dial liquid hand soap @ $7.14
Used 6 $0.35/1 MC from 5/17 SS
Total for 6 = $2.94; $0.49 each

1 – Viva paper towels @ $2.29
Used 1 $0.50/1 MC from June All You
Total = $1.29

1 – Lemon juice @ $0.99

2 – Hormel meats @ $8.00
Used 2 $2.00/1 MC from here
Total for 2 = $4.00; $2.00 each

1 – Publix unbleached all-purpose flour @ $2.29

3 – Pepsi 2L @ $4.50
Used Buy 2, Get 1 Free Publix coupon from Advantage Buy sale paper
Total for 3 = $3.00; $1.00 each

1 – Publix eggs – dozen @ $1.19

2 – Hostess donuts @ $2.99
Used 2 $0.50/1 MC from 6/7 RP
Total for 2 = $0.99; $0.50 each

1 – Publix milk – gallon @ $2.89

2.46 lbs bananas @ $1.21

1 – Celery @ $1.49

1 – Sargento shredded cheese @ $2.00

2 – Limes @ $0.25

4 – Kiwi @ $1.00

1 – 1 lb bag Baby Carrots @ $1.29

Total before sales, coupons, and tax = $74.20
*Used $5/$50 Piggly Wiggly coupon
Total after sales, coupons, and tax = $28.22…I saved 66%!!!

We still have some produce left over from last week, so this should hold us for a little while. I am going to pick up some peaches, kiwi, blueberries, lettuce, and milk (and the penny item of course:) on Sunday or Monday to round out our groceries for this week.

Stay tuned…Monday I will post our menu for the week! Happy couponing!



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7 responses to “This week’s shopping – 66% Savings!!!

  1. Wendy

    Where do you find your $5/$50 coupons for Piggly Wiggly? Do they send them to you or do you find them in your local newspapers(if so what day)? Thanks for any help you can give :o)

    • mjslp

      I get my Piggly Wiggly coupons from the Enjoy the City coupon books that school’s sale. There are 6 $5/$25 coupons and 6 $5/$50 coupons in each book – so they easily pay for themselves! You can also order them from here. The coupon books are sold by city, so make sure that the Piggly Wiggly coupons are available in your area before you order.

  2. I saw your post from The Thrifty Mama Shopping Superstars…

    I do hope you start gardening. We live in an apartment and use paint buckets for container gardening! I would suggest start with seedlings from Wal-Mart. (Even Target sells them).That was the easiest for me.

    Also the Thrifty Mama posts her garden’s progress. I typed “garden” in her site’s search box to see related posts. Read the comments. I learned a lot from them. Anyway, good luck!

    • mjslp

      That’s a good idea…I would have never thought to use paint buckets! We have a small back yard, so I was thinking of container gardening as well. Thanks for the help!

  3. Great trip! I have yet to go this week I’ll wait till tomorrow for the penny Item!

  4. Hey! Looks like we live in the same area. I would love to chat with you about your shopping! Feel free to email me. Great job on your trip this week!

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