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Scholastic Warehouse Book Sale

For those of you who are educators, home schoolers, or parents, you might be interested in information on Scholastic’s warehouse book sales. Scholastic occasionally holds warehouse sales that allow you to get awesome discounts on new books! You can find discounts of up to 80%!!! If you are in the Birmingham area, the book sale is going through tomorrow, May 22nd. I went to the sale a couple of days ago (mostly to get books to use in therapy – but I also got some for Logan as well), and look at all I got for a little less than $120!

IMG00291 - Scholastic Books 1

IMG00295 - Scholastic Book Fairs 4

These are Logan's...he loves books!!!

These are Logan's...he loves books!!!

About 75% of these books were 50% or more off, and the rest were 25% off! Logan’s books alone would have cost more than $40 had I paid regular retail! If you interested in details on Scholastic sales in your area, go here. If you register online, you will receive a $10 off of $60 to $100 or a $15 off of a $100 or more!

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