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Groceries Galore – Publix Purchase May 29

I haven’t been feeling well the past couple of days, so I didn’t really feel like shopping today, but several of my coupons expired today (including the Health and Beauty Advantage Buy coupons), so I felt compelled to get my list together and go out. I think that the results were well worth the effort as I was able to get MANY items for free as well as getting a good amount of overage to cover the cost of some of the other items! Here is what I bought today:

SANY0013 - Publix 5-29-09

SANY0233 - Publix 5-29-09 2

2 cans Pringles @ $2.67
Used $1.00/2 MC from 5/17 PG
Total for 2 = $1.67; $0.84 each

2 boxes Kashi cereal bars @ $5.00
Use $1.50/2 MC from here
Total for 2 = $3.50; $1.75 each

1 Vitamin Water 10 @ $1.25
Used $1.00/1 MC from 4/5 SS
Total = $0.25

Blueberries @ $2.99

1 Crystal Light Skin Essentials @ $2.00
Used Buy 1 Crystal Light product, Get 1 Free Skin Essentials from here
Total = FREE

1 Crystal Light canister @ $2.00
Used $1.00/1 MC from here
Total = $1.00

4 Reach dental floss @ $7.45
Used 5 $1.00/1 Publix Advantage Buy coupons (expires 5/29)
Used 5 $1.00/1 MC from recent insert
Total for 5 = FREE (plus $2.55 overage)

6 Johnson and Johnson cloth tape @ $10.74
Used 3 $2.00/2 Publix Advantage Buy coupons (expires 5/29)
Used 5 $1.00/1 MC from 5/17 RP (Ben and I made this purchase in 3 transactions. For some reason, his cashier would not let him use the 6th coupon.)
Total for 6 = FREE (plus $0.26 overage)

4 French’s mustard @ $2.58
Used 4 $0.50/1 MC from here and 5/10 SS
Total for 4 = FREE (plus $1.42 overage)

5 lb bag of red potatoes @ $2.49

2 Cover Girl eye liners @ $5.58
Used 2 $2.00/1 Publix Advantage Buy coupons (expires 5/29)
Used 2 $1.00/1 MC from 5/3 PG
Total for 2 = FREE (plus $0.42 overage)

4 Cover Girl lip glosses @ $14.36
Used 4 $2.00/1 Advantage Buy coupons (expires 5/29)
Used 4 $2.00/1 MC from 5/17 PG
Total for 4 = FREE (plus $1.64 overage)

1 Jell-O pudding (6 pk) @ $2.00
Used $0.50/1 MC from 5/3 SS
Total = $1.00

6 Bird’s Eye Steamfresh vegetables @ $6.24
Used 3 $1.00/2 MC from 4/19 SS (Hurry coupon expires 5/30!)
Total for 6 = $3.24; $0.54 each

1 Publix cocoa butter @ $3.49
Used Free Publix cocoa butter coupon (from Publix Baby Club mailer)
Total = FREE

2 Ziploc bags @ $3.98
Used Buy 1 Ziploc bags, Get 1 Free from recent insert (I ordered mine from here)
Used $0.55/1 MC from recent insert
Total for 2 = $1.44; $0.72 each

3 Kashi waffles @ $8.37
Used 3 $1.50/1 MC (no longer available for printing)
Total for 3 = $3.87; $1.29 each

2 Viva paper towels @ $4.58
Used 2 $0.40/1 MC from recent insert
Total for 2 = $2.98; $1.49 each

1 Publix rubbing alcohol @ $1.17
Used Free Publix Rubbing Alcohol coupon (from Publix Baby Club mailer)
Total = FREE

1 Spray n’ Wash @ $1.50
Used $0.75/1 MC from here
Total = $0.75

1 jar of Fleishmann’s yeast @ $4.99
Used $0.40/1 MC from recent insert (expires 5/31)
Total = $4.19

1 Dixie Crystal brown sugar (32 oz) @ $1.89
Used $0.30/1 MC from recent insert
Total = $1.29

Bananas @ $0.75

Total before sales, coupons, and tax = $120.90
*Used 1 $5/$25 Piggly Wiggly coupon and 1 $5/$50 Piggly Wiggly coupon
Total after sales, coupons, and tax = $23.62…I saved 86%!!!

What can I say? I love Publix!!! Happy couponing!!!


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Scholastic Warehouse Book Sale

For those of you who are educators, home schoolers, or parents, you might be interested in information on Scholastic’s warehouse book sales. Scholastic occasionally holds warehouse sales that allow you to get awesome discounts on new books! You can find discounts of up to 80%!!! If you are in the Birmingham area, the book sale is going through tomorrow, May 22nd. I went to the sale a couple of days ago (mostly to get books to use in therapy – but I also got some for Logan as well), and look at all I got for a little less than $120!

IMG00291 - Scholastic Books 1

IMG00295 - Scholastic Book Fairs 4

These are Logan's...he loves books!!!

These are Logan's...he loves books!!!

About 75% of these books were 50% or more off, and the rest were 25% off! Logan’s books alone would have cost more than $40 had I paid regular retail! If you interested in details on Scholastic sales in your area, go here. If you register online, you will receive a $10 off of $60 to $100 or a $15 off of a $100 or more!

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Publix B1G1 Items – 4/29 through 5/5

Here are the Publix B1G1 deals for April 29 through May 5. I will post other Publix deals and coupon match-ups soon!

9Lives Cat food
Back to Nature granola
Breakstone’s sour cream
Chachies salsa
Dannon Danimals Smoothie
Dentyne Ice Sugarless gum
Entemann’s Donuts
Farm Rich French Toast Sticks
Glade PlugIns Scented Oil Refills
Keebler Sandies Shortbread cookies
Kellogg’s Special K Cereal
Klondike Ice Cream Bar
Northland 100% Cranberry Juice
Old El Paso Dinner Kit
Orville Redenbacher’s Gourmet Popping Corn
Pace Chunky Salsa
Pillsbury Moist Supreme Cake mix
Pledge Grab-it Dry Cloths
Pup-Peroni Dog Snacks
Schick Disposable razors
Smart Balance Spread
Sun-Maid Dried Fruit
T. Marzetti’s dressing
Tostitos tortilla chips
Uncle Ben’s Original Converted Rice

Happy Couponing!

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Publix Deals – 4/13 through 4/22

Here are the best Publix deals and coupon match-ups for this week (I have only listed deals that yield a 50% or greater savings). Let me know if you see any deals that I have missed!

Don’t know what all the abbreviations mean? Check out my “What does that mean?” widget on the right side of this page!

Buy 1, Get 1 Deals
Arnold’s Whole Grain Bread @ $1.85 each
Use $1.00/1 from February All You
Total = $0.85

Betty Crocker Potatoes @ $0.92 each
Use $0.25/1 MC from 4/5 SS
Total = $0.42

Bird’s Eye Voila! Meal @ $2.55 each

Crystal Light Drink or On the Go Mix @ $2.00 each
Use B2G1 MC from 3/29 SS
Total = $4.00 (for 3) – $1.33 each

Fast Classics Flame Roasted Chicken Breast @ $4.00

General Mills Cheerios cereal @ $2.20 each
Use $1.00/3 MC from 4/5 SS
Total = $5.60 (for 3) – $1.87 each
(If you get the Target coupon mailer, there is a $1.00/2 Target coupon for General Mills cereal that you can use as well.)

Glaceau Vitaminwater (this is B2G1) @ $2.98 for 3 (sale price is only applicable if you buy 3)
Use 3 $1.00/1 MC from 4/5 SS
Total = Free

Hunt’s tomatoes @ $0.72 each

Juicy Juice 100% Premium Juice @ $1.79 each

Kashi granola bars @ $1.95 each

Kellogg’s cereal @ $2.00 each
Use $1.00/1 MC from here (for Raisin Bran)
Total = $1.00
Use $1.50/2 MC from here
Total = $2.50 (for 2) – $1.25 each

Ken’s Steak House Marinade @ $1.40 each
Use $1.00/1 MC from 3/8 SS
Total = $0.40

Kraft Barbecue sauce @ $0.87 each

La Famiglia DelGrosso Pasta sauce @ $4.00

Lysol Disinfectant Bathroom Cleaner @ $1.85 each
Use $1.00/1 MC from 3/15 SS
Total = $0.85

M&M’s Chocolate candies @ $5.50 each

Mott’s 100% apple juice @ $1.33 each

Mueller’s pasta @ $0.70 each

Nabisco Chips Ahoy! cookies @ $1.79 each
Use $1.00/2 Target coupon from here
Total = $2.57 (for 2) – $1.29 each

Nabisco Toasted Chips @ $1.70 each
Use $1.00/1 Target coupon from here
Total = $0.70

Pam cooking spray @ $1.74 each
Use $0.35/1 MC from 3/29 SS
Use $0.55/1 Publix coupon (from the Advantage Buy circular)
Total = $0.49

Pompeian Extra Virgin Olive Oil @ $6.00 each

Quaker Chewy granola bars @ $1.53 each
Use $0.75/1 MC from 3/8 RP
Total = $0.78

Ruffles potato chips @ $2.00 each

Sargento shredded cheese @ $1.60 each
Use $0.40/1 MC from 1/25 SS (I didn’t get this coupon, so it must have been in inserts in other regions.)
Total = $0.80

Toufayan wrap @ $1.00

Yoplait yogurt @ $1.43 each

Sale Items
Boneless chicken breasts @ $1.99 lb

Dial Liquid Hand soap @ $1.25
Use $0.35/1 MC from 3/8 SS
Total = $0.55

Kellogg’s Eggo waffles @ $2.00
Use $0.75/1 MC from 4/5 RP (Some regions did not get these…if you are in my region, we did not get these)
Total = $1.25

Stonyfield Farm yogurt – 6 oz cup @ $0.60 each
Use $1.00/4 MC from the Go Organic! coupon booklet (I found these located by the store circulars at the front of the store)
Total = $1.40 (for 4) – $0.35 each

Did you have good luck at Publix this week? Let me know how much you saved!

For a complete list of Publix sale items, go here. Thanks to couponmom.com for help with coupon match-ups!


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Publix Trip – Saved 58%

Today I had quite an interesting trip to Publix! I got some pretty good deals on several items, but the interesting part came when I went to check out. There are several cashiers at my Publix that appreciate couponing. These cashiers are very friendly and get excited to see how much you saved! I am usually on the lookout for these cashiers, and I will get in their line even if it is longer than the others. Well, today I was in a huge hurry and I wasn’t thinking, and I got in a unfamiliar cashier’s line. I knew that I was in trouble when she didn’t even say hello until she had rung up 5 or 6 items (which is very unusual for Publix cashiers!). She didn’t seem like she was in a good mood, but we still exchanged pleasantries and I tried to be extra polite. When she finished ringing up all of my items, I handed her my coupons (which made her less than enthused). She silently scanned all of the coupons until she got to my buy 1 Kotex pads, get one Kotex tampons free Publix coupon. (She had already scanned my manufacturer coupon for the pads and my manufacturer coupon for the tampons – I had paired manufacturer coupons with a Publix coupon which is allowed according to Publix’s coupon policy). I will spare you the dialogue, but the cashier proceeded to very rudely and very loudly tell me that she was not going to take off any extra money for an item that was already free. Twice I calmly explained to her that their coupon policy allows you to use both types of coupons together and that I had done similar transactions before. She continued to be extremely rude and loud (imagine my joy to be having such a loud and ridiculous conversation about tampons in the middle of a busy store), so I decided it wasn’t worth the battle and took my coupon back.

I cannot tell you how irritated I was when I left! I was completely nice to this lady, and for no reason at all she decides to talk to me like I am an idiot! I thought about speaking to the manager before I left the store, but I knew that I was too upset to communicate appropriately right then, so I decided to call them later in the evening. After I told my husband what had happened, he was irritated about the situation as well, and he ended up being the one to call. The manager apologized and said that we could bring the coupon back to the store for a refund (the coupon wasn’t the real issue for me; it was the way that the cashier treated me) and she was also going to speak with the cashier. Now that the situation is resolved, I feel better about the whole thing, I just could not believe how rude this lady was…I can’t even imagine what she would have been like if I had been rude back to her! Anyways, lesson learned…always look for the friendly cashiers!!!

And now, here is what I bought today (chicken and vitamin water not pictured):

Bounty paper towel roll @ $2.15
Used $1.00/1 Target coupon
Used $0.25/1 (doubled) MC
Total = $0.65

Publix milk @ $2.89

2 Vitamin Water @ $2.98 (I thought these were B1G1, but they were B2G1, so I messed up on this one)
Used $1.00/1 MC
Used $0.50/1 (doubled) MC
Total = $0.98 ($0.49 each)

Kotex security tampons @ $3.53
Used $0.75/1 MC
Used Buy 1 Kotex pads, Get 1 Kotex tampons free Publix coupon
Total = $0.75 overage

4 Hunt’s canned tomatoes @ $2.78 (B1G1)
Used $1.00/4 MC
Total = $1.78 ($0.45 each)

4 Stonyfield yogurt @ $2.40 (on sale 10 for $6.00)
Used $1.00/4 MC (found this in an organic coupon booklet located next to the weekly sale paper at the front of the store)
Total = $1.40 ($0.35 each)

1 French’s mustard @ $1.29
Used $0.50/1 MC (doubled)
Total = $0.29

Boneless chicken breasts @ $5.96 (on sale for $1.99 lb)

2 Ken’s marinades @ $2.79 (B1G1)
Used 2 $0.50/1 MC (doubled)
Total = $0.79 ($0.40 each)

3 boxes Cheerios @ $6.44 (B1G1)
Used $1.00/1 Target coupon
Used $1.00/3 MC
Total = $4.44 ($1.48 each)

2 Kellogg’s Raisin Bran Crunch @ $3.99 (B1G1)
Used 2 $1.00/1 MC
Total = $1.99 ($0.99 and $1.00 each)

1 Kotex pads @ $3.45
Used $1.00/1 MC
Total = $2.45

1 Sargento shredded mozzarella cheese @ $1.60 (B1G1)

1 Arnold wheat bread @ $1.85 (B1G1)
Used $1.00/1 MC from February All You
Total = $0.85

2 1/8 watermelons @ $1.99 (on sale $0.59 lb)

Bananas @ $1.04

Clorox bleach @ $0.01 (PENNY ITEM)

2 Ortega diced chilies @ $2.58
Used $1.00/2 MC from May All You
Total = $1.58 (I bought these for the Disney rebate that I talked about here)

Total before coupons and sales: $83.87
Total after coupons and sales: $34.95…I saved 58%!

What deals did you find at Publix this week? Let me know…I’d love to hear from you!


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Wal-Mart and Publix – 57% Savings!

This week has been crazy busy for me, so my blog has been a little sparse for the past few days. Hopefully, the craziness is over (or at least close to over), and I will be able to blog more frequently now!

I was really excited about the deals that I got at both Wal-Mart and Publix! This week, I was able to stock up on some much needed staple items.

Here is what I bought at Wal-Mart:


Gold Medal Unbleached All-Purpose flour @ $2.00
Total = $2.00

Bananas @ $1.15 (for 1.8 lbs)
Total = $1.15

2 – Sunchips @ $1.76 ($0.88 each)
Used 2 $1.00/1 MC from April All You
Total = They paid me $0.24!

Knox Gelatine @ $1.32
Used $4.00/1 MC from here
Total = They paid me $2.68!

Kraft shredded cheese @ $1.50
Total = $1.50

Eggs @ $1.00
Total = $1.00

2 Beech Nut Toddler meals @ $2.32 ($1.16 each)
Used 2 $1.00/1 MC (from recent Sunday insert)
Total = $0.32

Total before coupons: $11.05
Total after coupons (with tax): $3.93…That’s a total savings of 64%!
Here is what I bought at Publix (sorry the picture is so small and such poor quality):


B1G1 Items
2 Cool Whip Lite @ $1.99
Total = $1.99

Smithfield bacon @ $2.00
Total = $2.00

3 Kraft dressing – 16 oz @ $4.48
Used 3 $1.50/1 MC (from recent Sunday insert)
Total = They paid me $0.02!

4 cans Swanson chicken broth @ $2.18
Total = $2.18

Mott’s applesause – jar @ $1.37
Total = $1.37

Ghiradelli chocolate chips @ $1.50
Total = $1.50

Sale Items
2 Hillshire Farms sandwich meat @ $7.00 ($3.50 each)
Used 2 $0.55/1 MC (from recent Sunday insert)
Total = $5.90

2 Breakstone 16 oz reduced fat sour cream @ $1.98 ($0.99 each)
Total = $1.98

2 Philadelphia 8 oz cream cheese blocks @ $2.00 ($1.00 each)
Total = $2.00

Philadelphia cream cheese spread @ $1.00
Total = $1.00

Zucchini @ $2.47 (1.66 lbs)
Total = $2.47

Sweet Potatoes @ $1.44 (2.93 lbs)
Total = $1.44

Kraft cheese block @ $1.67
Total = $1.67

3 Birds Eye Steamfresh vegetables @ $3.62 (50% off)
Used $1.00/3 Publix coupon
Used 3 $0.35/1 MC (from recent Sunday insert) – doubled
Total = $0.52

2 Domino sugar – 5 lbs @ $3.98 ($1.99 each)
Used $0.50/1 MC (from recent Sunday insert) – doubled
Total = $2.98

Wesson oil @ $2.00
Used $1.00/1 from March All You
Total = $1.00

Regular Priced Items
3 Mentos sugarfree gum @ $3.27 ($1.09 each)
Used 3 $1.00/1 MC (from recent Sunday insert)
Total = $0.27

Publix salt @ $0.50
Total = $0.50

3 Soft Soap @ $3.87 ($1.29 each)
Used 3 $0.35/1 MC (from recent Sunday insert) – doubled
Total = $1.77

Total before sales and coupons: $80.99
Total after sales and coupons (plus tax): $36.14…That’s a total savings of 55%!

To see other great Publix deals, check Fiddledeedee!

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Publix and Wal-Mart Deals – Spent $33.24, Saved $69.25

Although today was a yucky rainy day, I decided Logan and I would still run some errands. It ended up being a very successful shopping day! Also, one of the great things about Publix is that they almost always offer (and sometimes insist) to help you to your car with your groceries. I usually say no, but when it is raining I accept the help, so that I can get Logan in the car as quickly as possible (they are usually more insistent on rainy days! – Don’t worry, they have umbrellas and big, hooded raincoats!).

Today, I went to Wal-Mart and Publix. I actually made 2 trips to Publix today – this wasn’t planned, but it ended up leading to some awesome deals! Here is what I bought:

1st Transaction – Wal-Mart


Iams dog food @ $5.00
Used $5.00 MC
Price = Free

Kotex pantyliners @ $1.00
Used $0.75 MC
Price = $0.25

Chopped walnuts (10 oz) @ $3.28
Price = $3.28

Knox unflavored gelatin @ $1.32
Used $4.00 MC coupon
Price = They paid me $2.68!

McCormick garlic salt @ $1.78
Used $1.00 MC
Price = $0.78

Subtotal before coupons: $12.38
Total after coupons: $2.62 – That’s a total savings of 79%!

2nd Transaction – Publix


Sale Items

2 Gorton’s frozen fish @ $6.67 (Reg. $7.98)
Used 2 $0.40 MC (doubled)
Used $1.00/2 Publix coupon
Price = $4.07

Huggies Mega pack (88 diapers) @ $19.99
Used $3.00 MC (Internet printable coupon – no longer available)
Price = $16.99

Regular Priced Items

Tostitos tortilla chips @ $3.99
Used buy 2 Tostitos dips, get 1 Tostitos tortilla chips free MC (found at grocery store near the Tostitos)
Price = Free

Tostitos queso dip @ $3.69
Price = $3.69

Tostitos salsa @ $3.19
Used buy 1 Tostitos tortilla chips, get 1 salsa free Rite Aid coupon
Price = Free

Subtotal before coupons: $37.53
*I used a $5/$25 Piggly Wiggly coupon.
Total after coupons: $22.03 – That’s a total savings of 46%!

3rd Transaction – Publix


B1G1 Items

Dial bar soap 3 pk @ $1.14 (Reg. $2.27)
Used $0.35 MC (should have doubled, but it didn’t for some reason)
Price = $0.79

Sale Items

Publix ice cream @ $2.50 (Reg. $2.79)
Price = $2.50

Diet Cherry Pepsi @ $2.75 (Reg. $4.39)
Used buy 2 Diet Pepsi 12 pks, get 1 flavored Diet Pepsi 12 pk free
Price = Free

2 Diet Pepsi 12 pks @ $5.50 (Reg. $8.78)
Used buy 3 Pepsi 12pks, get 1 Diet Pepsi 12 pk free – Bruno’s coupon
Used buy 3 Pepsi 12 pks, get 1 Diet Pepsi 12 pk free – Food World coupon
Price = Free

Diet Mountain Dew 12 pk @ $2.75
Price = $2.75

2 Colgate Total Advanced Clean toothpaste @ $5.00 (Reg. $7.10)
Used $1.00 TC
Used 2 $1.00 MC
Used 2 $2.50 Walgreen’s coupons
Price = They paid me $3.00!

Strawberries @ $1.67 (Reg. $4.99)
Price = $1.67

Cantaloupe @ $0.97 (Reg. $3.49)
Price = $0.97

Green peppers (2 lb bag) @ $1.99 (Reg. $2.99)
Price = $1.99

Regular Priced Items

Fleishmann’s dry yeast @ $1.49
Used $0.45 MC (doubled)
Price = $0.59

Bananas (2.01 lbs) @ $1.39
Price = $1.39

Milk @ $2.89
Price = $2.89

Subtotal before coupons: $30.04
*I used a $5/$25 Piggly Wiggly coupon.
Total after coupons: $8.59 – That’s a total savings of 82%!!! I could not believe this deal – especially considering the products I bought were predominantly Pepsi products and produce which are items that rarely have coupons!

To see how others did this week, check out Money Saving Mom’s Super Savings Saturday!


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Publix Deal – Paid $13.62, Saved $34.54

Here is what I bought at Publix today:


1 Publix reusable bag @$0.99 – $0.99 MC (Buy 2 Betty Crocker products, Get 1 Publix bag) = Free

1 12 pk Diet Coke @ $4.00 – $2.00 Food Smart coupon = $2.00

2 Yoplait Yoplus yogurt @ $2.50 – $3.00 MC = They paid me $$0.50.

1 Oscar Mayer hot dogs @ $1.50

1 40 count Wet Ones @ $1.99 (Walgreen’s coupon) – $0.75 = $1.24

2 Smart Balance Butter spread @ $3.10

2 Smart Balance Butter sticks @ $6.98 – Buy 1 Butter spread, Get 1 Butter sticks MC x 2 – $2.00 MC = They paid me $2.00.

2 Betty Crocker Frosting @ $3.78 – $2.00 MC = $1.78

1 Nabisco Honey Maid graham crackers @ $2.00

2 Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom soup @ $2.50 – $1.00 MC = $1.50 (plus, register for free tomato seeds here – Thanks to Money Saving Mom via Coupon Geek)

1 package grape tomatoes @ $1.25

1 package Q-tips @ $2.95 – $0.60 = $2.35 (not a great deal, but we needed them)

Subtotal before coupons: $34.13

*I also used a $5/$25 Piggly Wiggly coupon.

Total after coupons: $13.62

That’s a total savings of 72%!!!

Just a note…Savings includes amount saved from sales and coupons together. The subtotal shows the price after application of sales but before application of coupons.

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Tips for Shopping at Publix

Every grocery store/drug store/superstore has a different system that you must learn in order to maximize your savings. Here are a few tips for shopping at Publix:

  1. Publix has weekly and monthly circulars. The weekly circular runs from Wednesday through Tuesday. There are 2 monthly circulars: one for beauty products/medicines and one for food/household items. All of these circulars can be picked up at the front of the store.
  2. Publix doubles all coupons up to 50 cents. They do this automatically; you do not have to ask.
  3. Publix accepts competitor coupons. The coupons can be any coupon from another grocery store, drug store, or superstore.
  4. Publix allows 1 coupon for every B1G1 item purchased. The B1G1 items ring up half price; therefore, you can use one coupon for each item purchased. For example, if Cheerios are B1G1 and the original price is $4.99, the 1st box will ring up as $2.50 and the 2nd box as $2.49. If you have two 50 cent coupons, you can use one for each. Let me show you what that would look like: $2.50 – $1.00 (the 50 cent coupon will double) = $1.50; $2.49 – $1.00 = $1.49. You will get both boxes for $2.99!
  5. Publix accepts stacked coupons (this is true for all stores – as far as I know). You can use a manufacturer coupon and a store coupon together. Or, you could use a manufacturer coupon, a store coupon, and a competitor coupon all at the same time. For example, Walgreen’s has a coupon out right now for $2.50 off Colgate toothpaste 4oz, and there is manufacturer coupon for $1.50 off Colgate toothpaste from the March All You. The price for 4oz Colgate toothpaste at Publix is $3.55. I used both coupons together, and they paid me $0.45 cents (not really, but $0.45 cents extra was taken off my total).

So, there you have it! Let me know if you have any other tips for shopping at Publix!


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So I have all these coupons…Now what?

Learning what to do with your coupons is essential to decreasing your spending and maximizing your savings. I used to think that coupons could not save you much money. Sure, you could save 50 cents here and 25 cents there and maybe even a dollar sometimes, but what is a few cents or a dollar in the grand scheme of things? Well, if you only use coupons occasionally, then you won’t save much money, and it probably isn’t worth the time to locate and cut coupons. But, if you learn to maximize the potential of your coupons, you will save a lot of money. I’m not talking about a few dollars here or there. I’m talking hundreds of dollars. I’m talking decreasing the amount of money that you spend on groceries/household items/diapers/medicine/make-up/etc. by half or more!

These savings don’t come without some effort, but the effort is worth it for the savings that you will gain. One day, before I started using coupons, my husband and I calculated how much money we were spending on food per month. When I finished adding, I was shocked! We were spending $800+ on food/household items (and, at the time, there were only two of us)! What a waste of money! I am happy to say that since I have learned how to maximize the potential of coupons, we now only spend a maximum of $300 dollars a month on groceries/household items/diapers/medicine/make-up/etc.

So, how do you maximize the potential of your coupons? Here are a few ideas:

  1. Look at your grocery store’s circular BEFORE you go to the store.
  2. Match coupons to your grocery store’s sale items. One of the biggest ways to save money with coupons is to pair coupons with sale items.
  3. Make your grocery list based on what is on sale. I plan my meals for the week based on what is on sale and what I have in my cabinets. Stock up on items when there is a good deal even if you do not need the item at that time (as long as it’s not perishable). Your goal is to buy at rock bottom prices. My only exception to this rule is do not go over your budget! It defeats the purpose of using coupons if you are still spending more than you should.
  4. Make a list. I know that this goes along with the previous point, but I felt that it deserved a place of it’s own. This is such an important rule! If you don’t have a list, you don’t have a plan. Goals are not reached without a plan! I even go so far as to write down how much the item costs before coupons and after coupons and the estimated total. I don’t want any surprises! Mistakes in calculations happen sometimes, but they are much less likely to occur if you have already planned and done the calculations.
  5. Do not stray from your list. It is so important to stick to your list! (Did I mention that making a list is important?:)
  6. Pay attention while they are ringing up your purchases. Okay, now my analness is going to shine through, but it’s okay…I’m not ashamed! I cannot tell you how many times I have gotten back to the car and thought, “That total did not seem right.” Well, sure enough an item will not have rung up correctly or I picked up the wrong item or they forgot to ring up one of my coupons. If you are paying attention while they are ringing you up, you can catch and correct these situations, and, hopefully, save yourself a trip to customer service!

The key to all of this is planning. If you are still thinking this is too much work, think about it this way. I used to pay $800+ for groceries a month, and now I pay $300 a month. Basically, I am paying myself $500 a month for all the work that I do to save…I think that’s a pretty good deal!!!


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